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Loch Ard Jetty Dusk 2 (MG_9929) Landscape & Waterscapes Gallery
(Contains 135 photos)
A selection of images showing the stunning landscapes & waterscapes of Scotland. Enjoy.
_MG_5634_edited-1 Northumberland Gallery
(Contains 6 photos)
Images from the beautiful county of Northumberland in the North-East of England. An area of great beauty with fantastic beaches, great coastline and so many castles.
_MG_0344_edited-2 The Trossachs
(Contains 1 photo)
The Trossachs is a truly wild and beautiful area making up part of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. Less than 20 miles from Glasgow City Centre you reach mountains and lochs, abundant wildlife and beautiful landscapes.
Stained Glass, Glasgow Ramshorn Theatre Glasgow Gallery
(Contains 75 photos)
A series of images taken around Glasgow, particularly the Glasgow Science Centre and Armadillo Auditorium. Showing the great diversity of architecture this city has to offer.
_MG_1029_edited-1jpg London Gallery
(Contains 34 photos)
A series of images from around London including the magnificent Household Cavalry
Food vendors, Place Jemaa el Fna (6667) Morocco
(Contains 26 photos)
Shots from my first, but not last, Moroccan visit.
_MG_5334_edited-1 Florida, USA
(Contains 21 photos)
A selection of images from a recent Florida trip.
Spain & Barcelona
(Contains 26 photos)
Images from the wonderful city of Barcelona. Home of such wonderful architects as Gaudi, Jujol, Miro and so many more
Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem Israel
(Contains 5 photos)
A selection of images from Israel taken during tours with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra Chorus
Turnberry Light Lighthouses
(Contains 38 photos)
Shots of lighthouses around the Scottish coastline.
Flower Studies
(Contains 73 photos)
A Collection of my macro and abstract flower studies.
_MG_1915_edited-1 Natural History
(Contains 68 photos)
A selection of Natural History Shots: mainly from Scotland
_MG_2904_edited-1 Historical Re-Enactments
(Contains 52 photos)
Iamges from Historical Re-enactment events. From Viking invasions to the Romans and right into the 20th Century.
The Signal Box The Golden Age of Steam
(Contains 40 photos)
Shots of Britain's Steam Age Heritage
_MG_4590_edited-1 Aviation
(Contains 29 photos)
_MG_7986_edited-1 PS Waverley
(Contains 107 photos)
Images of the worlds last sea-going paddle steamer: The PS Waverley. Celebrated her 60th birthday in 2007 she is usually based around the West Coast of Scotland and Firth of Clyde though she does make jaunts down to London and the Thames.
_MG_7989_edited-1 Wedding Images
(Contains 103 photos)
A Selection of my wedding images.
Portrait Gallery
(Contains 43 photos)
I adore shooting portraits, especially ones where I can shoot more creative or alternative styles.
Colour & Abstracts
(Contains 62 photos)
A gallery containing my colour and abstract shots that probably just can't go anywhere else. A few of my quirkier ideas!!
Where is the Water? General Portfolio
(Contains 69 photos)
A selection of images from Stephen whilst the website is updated.
_MG_1554_edited-1 City of Glasgow Chorus
(Contains 112 photos)